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Mixing rubber project


Recently, Guanlian New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Vietnam base phase one phase annual output of 60,000 tons of rubber mixing project completed and put into operation, through the completion of environmental acceptance. The first phase of the project is located in HCM Industrial Park, the actual total investment of 210 million USD, the mixing center covers an area of 60 acres, and the construction of two 190E, two 150L, two 250E mixing production lines. Project record production capacity of 100,000 tons of rubber, 30,000 tons of pre-dispersed rubber pellets, 90,000 tons of rubber, rubber and plastic products (20 million pieces/sets).

It is planned to be built in two phases. Mixing rubber refers to the unvulcanized state of the compounding agent mixed in block, granular and powdered raw rubber, and has fluidity. Raw rubber or plastic rubber according to the formula and the compound mixed by the rubber mixing machine is called mixing rubber. The main raw material is made of methyl or vinyl rubber, adding silica, stabilizer, coupling agent and other materials, and mixing by high temperature mixer.

Used for auto parts, automobile front and rear spindle oil seal, front and rear crankshaft oil seal, power steering pump seal, transmission pump seal, dust cover, power steering hose, 175 degree radiator hose.

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