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Rubber Accelerator masterbatch DPTT-70

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Rubber Accelerator masterbatch DPTT-70

Rubber Accelerator Masterbatch DPTT-70 is a specialized rubber compound designed for efficient vulcanization in rubber processing. Comprising 70% Dipentamethylene thiuram tetrasulfide (DPTT) and 30% elastomer binder, this masterbatch simplifies the incorporation of the accelerator into rubber formulations, improving processing efficiency. It is particularly suitable for applications where DPTT is required as an accelerator for enhanced vulcanization performance.

With precise vulcanization control, reduced scorch time, and stable storage, DPTT-70 ensures consistent quality and operational safety. Benefit from its compatibility with various rubber types, reducing mixing time and promoting environmental cleanliness. Ideal for tire manufacturing and rubber conveyor belts, our DPTT-70 masterbatch offers a convenient solution for achieving superior vulcanization performance in diverse rubber applications.

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Functions and Characteristics


Active Content(%) 70 Carrier SBR/TPR
Appearance Light Yellow Granules Melting Point 108ºC min
Mesh 100 Ash Content 0.5%  max
Mooney Viscosity ML1+4 50ºC ≤50 Volatile Content 0.3% max
Sulfur Element(%) 40.5 63µm Sieve Residue 0.5% max
Density(g/Cm³) 1.25
Composition A homogeneous mixture of dipentamethylene thiuram tetrasulphide and polymeric binder at 70/30 ratio
  1. Accelerated Vulcanization: DPTT-70 facilitates accelerated vulcanization in rubber compounds, ensuring faster curing times and increased manufacturing efficiency.
  2. Enhanced Processing: The masterbatch form provides ease of handling and incorporation into rubber formulations, streamlining the mixing process and promoting uniform dispersion.
  3. Improved Physical Properties: It contributes to the enhancement of key physical properties in vulcanized rubber, including tensile strength, elongation, and hardness.
  4. Reduced Scorch Time: DPTT-70 helps reduce scorch time, minimizing the risk of premature vulcanization during processing.
  5. Stable Storage: The masterbatch form ensures stable storage, maintaining the effectiveness of the accelerator over time and allowing for convenient inventory management.
  6. Compatibility: DPTT-70 exhibits good compatibility with various rubber types, broadening its application range across different formulations.
  7. Reduced Mixing Time: Its efficient dispersion properties lead to reduced mixing time, contributing to overall energy and cost savings in the manufacturing process.
  8. Environmental Benefits: DPTT-70 promotes a cleaner working environment by lowering dust emissions during handling, enhancing operational safety.


Major Applications

Tire Manufacturing:

DPTT-70 is commonly used in tire manufacturing processes to accelerate vulcanization, enhancing the performance and longevity of the final tire product.

Rubber Conveyor Belts:

The masterbatch is applied in the production of rubber conveyor belts, where accelerated vulcanization ensures the creation of durable and resilient belts for industrial applications.


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