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Rubber accelerator DPG

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Rubber Accelerator DPG

Rubber Accelerator DPG, also referred to as diphenyl guanidine, affords itself as a transparent and light yellow granular substance. Its outstanding properties encompass exquisite solubility, compatibility, adhesiveness, and resistance to water, weather, and warmth. Moreover, it continues chemical balance while exposed to acids and alkalis.

This accelerator serves as a secondary accelerator at the side of triazoles and sulphenamides inside herbal rubber (NR) and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) compounds. Its distinct advantage lies in advanced storage balance whilst compared to thiuram and dithiocarbonates, albeit with slightly lower pastime. Additionally, Willing DPG finds software in latex as a secondary gelling agent, acting as a foam stabilizer in the silico-fluoride foam process.

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Softening Point ASTM E28-58 ºC 95-110
Color ASTM D-1544 # 5
Iodine Absorption Value HG2231-91-A gI/100g 135-175
Specific Gravity ASTM D71-72A g/cm3 0.93~0.98
UV Absorbance ASTM D3835 K254 2.40-3.97
Ash Content ETM-E-99 % 0.1Max
Application Hot melt adhesives, Pressure sensitive adhesives, Sealant, Sealing Tape, Adhesive tape, Electrical tape and other adhesive glue.
  1. Silico-Fluoride Foam Process Enhancement: Rubber Accelerator DPG plays a crucial role in the silico-fluoride foam process, contributing to the stabilization of foam structures. This function is particularly valuable in applications where foam stability is a critical factor, such as in the production of certain rubber products.
  2. Improved Processing Safety: The moderate reactivity of DPG provides improved processing safety during rubber compounding and vulcanization. This ensures that the manufacturing process remains controlled and minimizes the risk of unexpected reactions or hazards.
  3. Reduced Sensitivity to Overcuring: DPG exhibits a lower level of activity compared to some other accelerators. This characteristic results in reduced sensitivity to overcuring, preventing issues such as scorching or premature vulcanization and allowing for more controlled processing.
  4. Enhanced Flexibility in Formulation: Due to its compatibility with a variety of rubber compounds and other additives, DPG provides formulators with increased flexibility. This allows for the development of rubber products with tailored properties to meet specific application requirements.
  5. Versatility in Rubber Types: Rubber Accelerator DPG is suitable for use in both natural rubber (NR) and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) compounds. This versatility makes it a valuable choice for a wide range of rubber applications, contributing to its widespread use in the industry.
  6. Consistent Product Quality: The transparent and granular nature of DPG, combined with its stable chemical properties, contributes to the production of rubber compounds with consistent and reliable quality. This consistency is essential for meeting stringent industry standards and ensuring the performance of end products.
  7. Optimized Cure Systems: When used in combination with other accelerators, Rubber Accelerator DPG contributes to the optimization of cure systems. This results in rubber compounds with improved physical and mechanical properties, meeting the desired specifications for various applications.
  8. Elasticity and Resilience Improvement: The acceleration of vulcanization by DPG leads to the development of rubber products with enhanced elasticity and resilience. This is particularly important in applications where flexibility and durability are critical, such as in the production of tires and flexible rubber components.


Major Applications

Latex Foam Stabilization:

The secondary gelling and foam-stabilizing properties of DPG make it valuable in latex applications, especially in the silico-fluoride foam process. This is relevant in the production of latex foams used in various products, such as mattresses and cushions.

General Rubber Products:

Rubber Accelerator DPG is commonly used in the formulation of general rubber products across multiple industries. Its versatility, compatibility, and stability contribute to the consistent quality and performance of a broad spectrum of rubber items, ranging from molded goods to extruded profiles

  • Package

    25KG Plastic woven bag, Paper with plastic film bag

  • Storage

    The product should be store in the cooling place, avoiding direct sunlight. The validity is 1 years.

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