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Understanding Rubber Vulcanization and its Processes

Rubber vulcanization is a crucial process that transforms elastomers, initially possessing weak thermoplastic properties, into a robust, elastic, and durable substance with enhanced properties. This transformation involves introducing a network of cross-links into the elastomers, thereby significantly improving their mechanical and chemical characteristics. It’s important to note that the tensile strength of the vulcanized rubber is at its maximum when cured optimally.

SBR Rubber – Properties, Applications and Uses

SBR is a commonly used, general purpose rubber known for its cheapness and abrasion resistance. Invented in the 1930s by German scientists after natural rubber supplies were cut off, SBR has become a staple of the automotive and industrial sectors. In this article, we’re covering the basics of SBR rubber, including its makeup, properties, and applications.


Butyl Rubber: Advanced Solutions for Diverse Applications

Advanced rubber solutions play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and secure future for our planet. Through continuous research and innovation, our partners in industries such as tire manufacturing, medical, adhesives, and more can deliver end-products that not only meet rigorous quality standards but also contribute to reduced fuel consumption and the preservation of essential medications.

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In Needs of Rubber Vulcanization Accelerators Solution?