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RUBBER VULCANIZATION MASTERBATCH ZnO-80 is a specialized additive designed for elastomer applications, boasting an 80% active content of Zinc Oxide in a polymeric binder system. The homogeneous mixture of Zinc Oxide and the polymeric binder, with a customizable binder type, exhibits excellent specifications. The masterbatch, presented as white granules with a mesh size of 100, features a melting point of 1975ºC minimum and Mooney Viscosity ML1+4 50ºC not exceeding 90.

Ideal for preventing scorch in chloroprene rubber compounds, this masterbatch, with a recommended dosage of 3-8 phr, offers higher modulus and tensile strength. Its Ash Content stands at an impressive 83%, ensuring enhanced physical properties and surface quality for extrusion profiles compared to the powdered form.

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Active Content(%) 80 Carrier SBR+TPR
Appearance White Granules Melting Point 1975ºC min
Mesh 100 Loss on ignition (950ºC,2h): 0.2% max
Mooney Viscosity ML1+4 50ºC ≤90 Density(g/Cm³) 2.85
Ash Content(%) 83
Composition A homogeneous mixture of Zinc Oxide and polymeric binder system at 80/20 ratio


  1. Zinc Oxide Enrichment: The masterbatch serves as an efficient carrier for Zinc Oxide, promoting a uniform distribution within elastomeric compounds, enhancing vulcanization efficiency.
  2. Active Content Enhancement: With an impressive 80% active content, it significantly contributes to the vulcanization process, leading to improved mechanical properties in the final elastomeric products.
  3. Polymeric Binder System: The inclusion of a polymeric binder system, customizable with options like SBR and NBR, provides flexibility and tailoring to specific elastomer formulations, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
  4. Elastomer-Bound Advantage: The elastomer-bound form of ZnO-80 excels in delivering superior physical properties and surface quality for extrusion profiles compared to the traditional powdered form, enhancing end-product quality.
  5. Prevention of Scorch: Particularly effective in chloroprene rubber compounds, the masterbatch helps prevent scorch during processing, minimizing localized hotspots and improving overall compound stability.
  6. Modulus and Tensile Strength Boost: The vulcanizates obtained with ZnO-80 demonstrate higher modulus and tensile strength, contributing to enhanced durability and resilience of elastomeric materials.
  7. Application Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of elastomer applications, the masterbatch finds utility in various industries, offering a versatile solution for improving vulcanization processes.
  8. Dosage Precision: The recommended dosage range of 3-8 phr ensures precision in formulation, allowing manufacturers to fine-tune their recipes for optimal performance in different elastomeric compounds.

Major Applications

Air and Liquid Seals:

Employed in the production of seals for air and liquid systems, ZnO-80 ensures optimal vulcanization, contributing to reliable sealing properties and longevity in applications like valves and pumps.

Railroad Components

Applied in the manufacturing of elastomeric components for railroad applications, ensuring efficient vulcanization for products like rail pads and seals, enhancing their performance and longevity.


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