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Rubber antioxidant TMQ (RD) presents as a brown amber piece with a density of 1.05 g/cm³. It demonstrates solubility in benzene, chloroform, carbon disulfide, and acetone, yet it remains insoluble in water. It forms a fine solution when combined with rubber. While this product is combustible, precautions should be taken during storage and transportation to ensure fireproofing and protection against moisture.

Rubber Antioxidant TMQ is a valuable additive in the rubber industry, contributing to the longevity, heat resistance, and overall quality of rubber products. It has a good protective effect for heat, oxygen and fatigue aging, and stronger inhibitory effect for metal catalytic oxidation, no spray cream phenomenon, widely used in the manufacture of tyres, motorcycles births, bicycles births, rubber, plastic, adhesive tape, wires, cables and other rubber products.

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Functions and Characteristics

Appearance Amber to brown granulose
Softening point,℃, min 80-100
Heating loss,%, max 0.30
Ash content,%, max 0.45
Insoluble In ethanol,%, max 0.20
Dimer,trimer,tetramer content,%, min 40

Note: according to customers, standards if they have special requests or specifications.

  1. Anti-Aging Properties: RD effectively protects rubber products from heat, oxygen, and fatigue aging, contributing to their prolonged lifespan.
  2. Inhibition of Metal Catalytic Oxidation: Demonstrates a robust inhibitory effect on metal catalytic oxidation, ensuring the quality and integrity of rubber without the spray cream phenomenon.
  3. Versatile Applications: Widely applicable in diverse industries including tire manufacturing, motorcycles, bicycles, plastics, adhesive tapes, wires, cables, and various other rubber products.
  4. Enhanced Thermal Stability: Contributes to improved thermal stability in rubber compounds, allowing for the effective performance of rubber products under high-temperature conditions.
  5. Resistance to Oxygen Degradation: Provides resistance against oxygen-related degradation, reducing the likelihood of oxidation and deterioration in the presence of atmospheric oxygen.
  6. Fatigue Resistance: Enhances the fatigue resistance of rubber, making it suitable for applications involving repeated stress or flexing.
  7. Solubility and Compatibility: Exhibits solubility in various organic solvents and forms a fine solution with rubber, enhancing its compatibility with different materials.
  8. Combustibility Awareness: Being combustible, it requires careful attention to fireproofing and damp-proofing during storage and transportation to ensure safety.

Major Applications

Industrial Rubber Products:

Acts as an anti-aging agent, inhibiting degradation caused by heat, oxygen, and fatigue in various industrial rubber products.

Wire and Cable Insulation:

Provides protection against heat and aging, enhancing the insulation properties of rubber in wires and cables.


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