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Anti scorching agent CTP

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Anti scorching agent CTP

Anti-scorching agent CTP appears as a white or yellow crystal, and it demonstrates solubility in various organic solvents such as acetone, benzene, toluene, ethyl ether, and ethyl acetate. It can also be slightly dissolved in gasoline but is not soluble in kerosene and water.

This anti-scorching agent is designed for use in both natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It serves the crucial function of protecting rubber materials from scorching during processing. This protection allows extruders and calenders to operate at high temperatures and speeds, enhancing the production capacity of vulcanizers. Additionally, the product improves the storage stabilization of rubber materials, guarding against natural vulcanization during storage. Furthermore, it offers a reclamation function for rubber materials subjected to high heating or facing the risk of scorching.

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Anti scorching agent CTP

Functions and Characteristics

Appearance White or light yellow crystal powder
Melting point,℃, min 89.0
Heating loss,%, max 0.50
Ash content,%, max 0.10
Insoluble In toluene,%, max 0.50
Purity,%, min 96.0

Note: according to customers, standards if they have special requests or specifications.

  1. Scorch Protection: Guards rubber materials against scorching during processing.
  2. High-Temperature Processing: Facilitates operation at elevated temperatures and high speeds, enhancing vulcanizer production.
  3. Improved Storage Stability: Enhances the storage stability of rubber materials, preventing natural vulcanization during storage.
  4. Reclamation Function: Allows for the reclamation of rubber materials exposed to high heating or at risk of scorching.
  5. Versatile Solubility: Soluble in various organic solvents, increasing compatibility with different rubber processing applications.
  6. Consistent Quality: Maintains a high level of quality with a minimum purity of 96.0%, low heating loss (0.50%), and a maximum ash content of 0.10%.
  7. Customizable Packaging: Packaged in knitted bags lined with plastic or kraft paper, available in 20kg or 25kg options for tailored requirements.

Major Applications

Tire Manufacturing:

The anti-scorching agent is widely used in tire manufacturing processes to control the vulcanization of rubber compounds. It ensures that the curing process occurs at the desired stage, preventing premature vulcanization or scorching. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and performance of tires, contributing to overall safety and durability.

Automotive and Industrial Rubber Products:

Anti-scorching Agent CTP is employed in the production of various automotive and industrial rubber products. Its ability to protect against scorching during processing allows for high-speed and high-temperature manufacturing. This, in turn, improves production efficiency and capacity, making it a valuable component in the fabrication of rubber components used in vehicles and industrial applications.


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