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Rubber Accelerator MBT (M) is like a helper for rubber. It helps rubber to become strong and tough. When rubber needs to be made into things like tires, shoes, or other useful stuff, MBT (M) is there to make the process faster and better. It is like a superhero for rubber!

So, when you see a tough tire on a car or a bouncy shoe sole, remember that Rubber Accelerator MBT (M) played a part in making them strong and durable. It’s like a friend for rubber, making sure it becomes the useful and reliable material we often take for granted in our everyday lives!

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Functions and Characteristics


Product Specification:

Title of index First grade Qualified Granule The products after the treatment of oil
External appearance Light yellow powder, granular shape Light yellow powder
Melting point ℃ min 171.0 170.0 173.0 171.0
Reduction at heating % max 0.40 0.50 1.00 0.40
Ash content % max 0.30 0.30 0.30 0.30
Residue on 100# sieve (150μm) % max 0.10 0.10 0.00
Residue on 320# sieve (45μm) % max 0.20
Strength of granule N 1-6
  1. Oil Treatment Improvement: After treatment with oil, MBT (M) achieves enhanced fineness, reaching up to 300# (45 µm). This oil treatment results in a reduction of powder and dirt rising, along with a significant decrease in bitterness. These improvements are beneficial for creating a cleaner working environment and enhancing the overall quality of the rubber products.
  2. Environmental Impact: The oil treatment and reduction in powder and dirt contribute to a more environmentally friendly operation. The lowered bitterness and improved environmental conditions make MBT (M) a favorable choice for rubber manufacturing processes.
  3. Granular Form Options: MBT (M) is available in both powder and granular forms. The granular shape allows for convenient handling and incorporation into rubber formulations, providing flexibility in the manufacturing process.
  4. Tight Particle Size Control: The specifications for MBT (M) include controls on the particle size, as indicated by the residue on 100# sieve (150μm) and residue on 320# sieve (45μm). This tight control ensures consistent quality in the final rubber products.
  5. Strength of Granules: The granular form of MBT (M) may have specified strength characteristics, contributing to its suitability for various processing methods in the rubber industry.
  6. Applicability in Technical Rubber Goods: MBT (M) is specifically designed for use in technical rubber goods, including tires, belts, and shoes. Its compatibility with a wide range of rubber types makes it a go-to accelerator for these critical applications.
  7. Improvement in Rheological Properties: MBT (M) influences the rheological properties of rubber compounds, affecting their flow and processing characteristics. This is important in optimizing the manufacturing process, especially in applications where precise molding or shaping is required.
  8. Residue Control: The specifications for MBT (M) include controls on residue on 100# sieve (150μm) and residue on 320# sieve (45μm), ensuring that the accelerator meets specific size requirements for different rubber formulations and applications.

Major Applications

Industrial Rollers:

MBT (M) is employed in the production of rubber compounds for industrial rollers. Its vulcanization acceleration characteristics contribute to the development of rollers with the necessary mechanical strength and wear resistance.

Rubber Sheets and Mats:

The accelerator is used in the production of rubber sheets and mats for various industrial and commercial purposes. MBT (M) ensures the vulcanization of rubber compounds, resulting in products with enhanced strength and durability.

  • Package

    Net weigh 25 kgs in polyethylene knitted bag or paper bag lined with polyethylene bag inside.

  • Storage

    Should be kept in ventilated and dry place. The product has good storage stability, but should be kept off over high or too low temperature and humidity.

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