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RUBBER ACCELERATOR MASTERBATCH DTDM-80 is a versatile additive designed to enhance the vulcanization process in natural and synthetic rubber systems. With an active content of 80%, it appears as white granules, showcasing a melting point of 120ºC minimum. Formulated with a carrier of SBR and a binder comprising 80% 4,4-dithiodimorpholine and 20% polymer with a dispersing agent, it offers flexibility in customization, accommodating binders like EPDM and NBR.

DTDM-80 acts as both a vulcanizing agent and accelerator, demonstrating excellent heat resistance and aging resistance in effective vulcanization systems. Its active sulfur content of 27% ensures safe operation, releasing sulfur at the vulcanization temperature. Particularly suitable for butyl rubber, it finds applications in tire manufacturing, butyl inner tubes, adhesive tapes, and heat-resistant rubber products. Additionally, it serves as an asphalt stabilizer for highways.

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Functions and Characteristics


Active Content(%) 80 Carrier SBR
Appearance White Granules Melting Point 120ºC min
Mesh 100 Ash Content 0.3%  max
Mooney Viscosity ML1+4 50ºC ≤50 Heating Loss Content 0.3% max
Sulfur Element(%) 21.6 Density(g/Cm³) 1.17
Composition Mixture of 80% 4,4-dithiodimorpholine and 20%polymer and dispersing agent
  1. Vulcanization Enhancement: Rubber Accelerator Masterbatch DTDM-80 serves as a vulcanizing agent and accelerator for both natural and synthetic rubber, contributing to improved heat resistance and aging resistance in vulcanized products.
  2. Active Sulfur Release: With an active sulfur content of 27%, DTDM-80 releases sulfur at vulcanization temperatures, ensuring effective vulcanization processes while maintaining operational safety.
  3. Customizable Binder: The binder composition of 80% 4,4-dithiodimorpholine and 20% polymer with a dispersing agent offers flexibility, allowing customization of binders with options like EPDM and NBR to suit specific rubber formulations.
  4. Wide Application Range: Suitable for effective and semi-effective vulcanization systems, DTDM-80 finds applications in various rubber products, including tires, butyl inner tubes, adhesive tapes, and heat-resistant rubber items.
  5. High Scorch Stability: Demonstrates good scorch stability, preventing premature vulcanization during processing and ensuring controlled curing, particularly in compounds with increased thiazoles, thiurams, and dithiocarbamates.
  6. Asphalt Stabilization: Acts as an asphalt stabilizer for highways, showcasing versatility beyond rubber manufacturing applications.
  7. Reduced Sulphur Levels: As an accelerator, it enables a decrease in sulfur levels, minimizing issues like blooming, pollution, and discoloration in rubber compounds, contributing to cleaner and more efficient processes.
  8. Improved Fatigue Resistance: Enhances fatigue resistance, promoting the longevity and durability of rubber products, especially in high-stress applications.

Major Applications

Butyl Rubber Compounds

Given its specific suitability for butyl rubber, DTDM-80 is valuable in various applications, including the manufacture of butyl rubber compounds for diverse industrial uses.

Extruded Rubber Profiles:

Applied in the production of extruded rubber profiles for construction, automotive, and industrial applications, ensuring efficient vulcanization and optimal physical characteristics.


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