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Neoprene synthetic rubber

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Neoprene synthetic rubber

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber known for its versatility and resilience. This chloroprene-based elastomer exhibits exceptional resistance to various environmental factors, including ozone, sunlight, and weathering. Neoprene maintains its flexibility across a wide temperature range and boasts excellent chemical stability, making it resistant to degradation from oils, acids, and other substances. Notably, neoprene is prized for its remarkable resistance to water and its ability to remain buoyant, even in aquatic environments.

Commonly used in the production of wetsuits, gloves, and other protective gear, neoprene provides insulation against cold temperatures. Its robust and durable nature extends its applications to gaskets, seals, hoses, and automotive components, where its elasticity and resistance to abrasion and tearing are highly valued.

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Neoprene synthetic rubber

Functions and Characteristics


  1. Fast Crystallization Rate: The Neoprene synthetic rubber imparts a fast crystallization rate to the polychloroprene rubber, facilitating quick bonding and adhesion processes.
  2. High Bonding Strength at Room Temperature: This CR variant exhibits high bonding strength at room temperature, ensuring effective adhesion between various materials such as rubber, leather, fiber, wood, and cement products.
  3. Density: The density of the Neoprene synthetic rubber is specified as 1.23, providing information about its mass per unit volume.
  4. Versatile Applications: Designed for the production of chloroprene adhesives, this CR type finds utility in diverse applications where strong, room temperature bonding is required.
  5. Stability and Storage: The rubber is recommended for storage in dry and ventilated places, with protection from direct sunlight. This highlights its sensitivity to environmental conditions, and proper storage ensures product stability.
  6. Packaging: The product is conveniently packed in bags, each weighing 25kg net, allowing for ease of handling and distribution.
  7. Shelf Life: The specified shelf life is one year, emphasizing the importance of using the product within this timeframe to ensure optimal performance.

Comparison Sheet of CR types from Different Makers

Huojia ChangshouLanxing Shanna Du Pont Denka Bayer Toso Enlchem
CR1211/CR1212/CR1213 GN/ANA PM-40 213 Y-22 MD-10SC-21
CR2321/CR2322/CR2323 WMI/W/WHIV-100/WHV M-30/M-40/M-100/M-120 211/210/230


B-31/B-30/Y-31/Y-30 MC-31/MC-30MM-31/MH-30
CR3221/CR3222/CR3223 GW DCR-40
CR2441/CR2442/CR2443 AD-10/AD-20/AD-30/AD-40 A-70/A-90/A-100/A-120 320330 Q-40R/0-405/G-40T MA-40/RMA-405MA-0T
CR248 ADO A-70/A-90/A-100/A-120
DCR114 GRT P8-40 610 R-10 SC-10
DCR213 WRTMI/WRT S-40V 110 B-5/B-11 MC-10
Hi-mooeay DCR213 WD DCR-30 130
EDCR WB/TRT EM-40 214 Y-20E
ECR235 TW/TW-100 MT-40/MT-100 215 E-33  DE.302
DCR221 DCR-33/DCR-34
XCR2142XCR2142 AF

Major Applications

Versatile Bonding:

Exhibits high bonding strength at room temperature, making it suitable for a wide range of materials and applications, ensuring effective adhesion in diverse industries.

Packaging Industry:

Well-suited for applications in the packaging industry due to its adhesion properties, contributing to the bonding of different materials in packaging products.


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