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Polybutadiene rubber

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Polybutadiene rubber

Polybutadiene rubber, specifically BR 9000, stands out as a high-performance elastomer produced through a solution polymerization process in a nickel catalytic system. Derived from butadiene as its primary raw material, BR 9000 exhibits exceptional wear resistance due to the incorporation of extract oil. This rubber is characterized by a remarkable cis-1, 4-polybutadiene content, which exceeds 96%. The cis-1, 4 configuration contributes to the polymer’s superior elastic properties, making it an ideal choice for applications where resilience and flexibility are crucial.

Moreover, BR 9000 is stabilized using a non-staining antioxidant, ensuring durability without compromising aesthetic qualities. This makes it suitable for applications across various industries, such as automotive manufacturing, where it can be utilized in tires for enhanced wear resistance and improved road traction.

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Polybutadiene rubber

Functions and Characteristics



  1. Good Cold Resistance: BR 9000 exhibits excellent cold resistance, ensuring its performance and elasticity even under low-temperature conditions. This makes it suitable for applications in cold climates or environments.
  2. Abrasion Resistance: The rubber is characterized by remarkable abrasion resistance, making it highly suitable for applications where wear and tear are significant factors, such as tire treads and conveyor belts.
  3. Long Range Elasticity: With long-range elasticity, BR 9000 maintains its flexibility and resilience over a wide range of deformations, contributing to its durability and longevity in dynamic applications.
  4. Anti-Aging Resistance: BR 9000 is equipped with anti-aging properties, ensuring its resilience and performance over an extended period. This resistance to aging makes it a durable choice for long-term use in various applications.
  5. Versatile Applications: Widely utilized as a general synthetic rubber, BR 9000 finds application in tire tread production, conveying belts, coated fabrics, and soles. Its compatibility with natural rubber in blends enhances its applicability.
  6. Appearance: The rubber is light-colored and translucent, presenting itself in block shapes without coking particles, mechanical impurities, or oil stains. This ensures a clean and consistent appearance in various end-products.
  7. Consistent Quality: The specifications provided, including Mooney viscosity, volatile matter content, ash content, tensile strength, and elongation at break, adhere to industry standards (GB/T) ensuring consistent and reliable quality.
Parameter Test result Test Method
Raw Rubber Mooney ML 1+4 (100°C) 44 GB/T 1232. 1-2016
Rubber Compound Mooney ML 1+4 (100°C) 47 GB/T 1232. 1-2016
Volatile matter content, % 0,38 GB/T24131. 1-2018
Ash content, % 0,01 GB/T 4498. 1-2013
Tensile stress at 300%, MPa, 25 min 22 – 25 GB/T 528-2009
Tensile stress at 300%, MPa, 35 min 10,0 GB/T 528-2009
Tensile stress at 300%, MPa, 50 min 10,0 GB/T 528-2009
Tensile strength, MPa, 35 min 15,9 GB/T 528-2009
Elongation at break, 35 min 403 GB/T 528-2009

Major Applications

Footwear Soles:

BR 9000, when mixed with natural rubber, is commonly used in the production of shoe soles. Its long-range elasticity and wear resistance contribute to comfortable and durable footwear.

Automotive Components:

The rubber's cold resistance and flexibility make it valuable in automotive applications, including components like seals, gaskets, and suspension parts that require resilience in varying temperatures.

  • Manufacturer

    China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Beijing Yanshan Branch

  • Product Package

    BR 9000 is produced in the form of bales about  25 kg each, packed in double layer.
    The inner layer is plastic film,and the outer is polypropylene braided lining kraft paper bags.

  • Storage and transportation

    Rubber is stored indoors at a temperature not higher than +30 °C. During storage, the rubber must be protected from contamination, direct sunlight, and precipitation.

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