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Rubber Accelerator MBTS (DM), also known as Dibenzothiazole Disulfide, is a chemical compound widely used in the rubber industry to accelerate the vulcanization process. It typically appears as a light yellow crystalline powder. MBTS functions as a sulfur donor during the vulcanization of rubber, promoting cross-linking and enhancing the overall performance of rubber products.

The key properties of Rubber Accelerator MBTS include a melting point of around 165-166℃ and moderate solubility in various organic solvents. Its use in conjunction with other accelerators and sulfur donors allows for precise control over the vulcanization process, tailoring the characteristics of the final rubber product.

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Functions and Characteristics


Product Specification:

Title of index First grade Qualified Granule The products after the treatment of oil
External appearance White or light yellow powder, granular shape Light yellow powder
Melting point ℃ min 165.0 160.0 165.0 165.0
Reduction at heating % max 0.40 0.50 1.00 0.40
Ash content % max 0.50 0.70 0.70 0.50
Residue on 100# sieve (150μm) % max 0.10 0.10 0.0
Residue on 320# sieve (45μm) % max 0.20
Strength of granule N 1-6
  1. Acceleration of Vulcanization: MBTS serves as an accelerator in rubber formulations, facilitating the vulcanization process by promoting the cross-linking of polymer chains, leading to improved strength and durability.
  2. Melting Point: With a high melting point of 160℃ and over, MBTS contributes to the stability of rubber compounds during processing and ensures effective vulcanization at elevated temperatures.
  3. Solubility Profile: The accelerator is soluble in chloroform and slightly soluble in benzene, ethyl alcohol, and carbon tetrachloride. This solubility allows for easy incorporation into rubber formulations during processing.
  4. Insolubility in Gasoline and Water: MBTS is insoluble in gasoline and water, contributing to its stability and effectiveness in various environmental conditions.
  5. Stability in Storage: Stable during storage, MBTS retains its chemical properties over time, ensuring consistent performance and reliability in rubber manufacturing processes.
  6. Oil Treatment Benefits: After treatment with oil, MBTS achieves a fineness of up to 300# (45 µm), reducing the generation of powder and dirt. This enhances the overall quality of rubber compounds and improves the operational environment.
  7. Specific Gravity: With a specific gravity ranging from 1.45 to 1.54, MBTS contributes to the desired density of rubber compounds, affecting the final properties of the vulcanized rubber.
  8. Application Versatility: MBTS is suitable for natural rubber and many synthetic rubbers. It exhibits a level and middle cure rate with a higher vulcanization temperature. The accelerator is particularly useful in the manufacturing of tires, rubber tubes, rubber shoes, rubber cloth, and other technical rubber goods. It provides good operating safety, easy dispersion, and aging resistance in the vulcanizate.


Major Applications

Rubber Tubes:

Its application extends to the manufacturing of rubber tubes, where MBTS facilitates the vulcanization process, ensuring the tubes exhibit the necessary strength and resilience.

Rubber Shoes:

MBTS plays a crucial role in the production of rubber shoes, providing accelerated vulcanization to enhance the durability and wear resistance of the shoe soles.

  • Package

    Net weigh 25 kgs in polyethylene knitted bag or paper bag lined with polyethylene bag inside.

  • Storage

    The product has good storage stability, but should be kept in ventilated and dry place off over high or too low temperature and moisture.

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