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CPE135A pvc impact modifier

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CPE135A pvc impact modifier

Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) 135A is a high-performance impact modifier specifically designed for enhancing the properties of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). This elastomeric material is known for its exceptional impact resistance, weatherability, and chemical stability when combined with PVC resins. CPE135A acts as an effective impact modifier by improving the toughness and durability of PVC products, making them more resistant to cracking and brittleness, especially at low temperatures.

Commonly used in the production of rigid PVC applications such as pipes, fittings, profiles, and siding, CPE135A plays a crucial role in extending the service life of PVC-based products while maintaining their structural integrity and performance in various environmental conditions.

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CPE135A pvc impact modifier

Functions and Characteristics

Product Grades CPE135A
(Chlorine),% 35±2
(Whiteness),≥ 85
(Melting enthalpy),J/g≤ 2.0
(Volatile matter content),%≤ 0.4
(Residue on sieve)(0.9mm)≤ 2.0
(Impurity particle No/100g),(个/100g)≤ 30
(Number of spots)(150*150)≤ 80
(Tensile strength),MPa≥ 8.0
(Shore hardness),A≤ 65
 (Mooney viscosity),ML(1+4)125℃ 50-100
(The thermal stability time),165℃≥ 8



  1. Impact Resistance: CPE135A significantly improves the impact strength of PVC, making the final products more resistant to cracking and fractures, particularly in applications where mechanical stress is a concern.
  2. Toughness: The elastomeric nature of CPE135A imparts toughness to PVC formulations, ensuring that the resulting products can withstand bending, stretching, and other forms of mechanical stress without compromising their structural integrity.
  3. Weatherability: CPE135A enhances the weather resistance of PVC, making it suitable for outdoor applications. The modified PVC products exhibit improved durability and performance under various environmental conditions, including exposure to sunlight and harsh weather.
  4. Chemical Stability: CPE135A contributes to the chemical stability of PVC, enhancing its resistance to various chemicals. This is particularly advantageous in applications where the PVC material may come into contact with different substances.
  5. Low-Temperature Flexibility: The impact modifier helps maintain the flexibility of PVC, especially at low temperatures. This characteristic is crucial for applications in cold climates where traditional PVC might become brittle.
  6. Uniform Dispersion: CPE135A is designed for efficient dispersion within the PVC matrix. Its molecular structure and chlorine content enable it to blend homogeneously with PVC resins, ensuring consistent and uniform properties throughout the final product.
  7. Compatibility: CPE135A exhibits good compatibility with PVC resins, allowing for easy processing during manufacturing. This compatibility contributes to the overall efficiency of the PVC compounding process.
  8. Versatility: The impact modifier is versatile and finds widespread use in various PVC applications, including pipes, fittings, profiles, and siding. Its adaptability makes it a valuable component for enhancing the performance of a range of PVC-based products.

Major Applications

Outdoor and Recreational Products:

Products designed for outdoor and recreational use, such as garden hoses, outdoor furniture, and sports equipment, benefit from CPE135A. The impact modifier enhances the weatherability and impact resistance of PVC in these applications.

Industrial Hoses and Tubing:

CPE135A is employed in the production of industrial hoses and tubing. Its impact resistance properties make these materials suitable for conveying fluids and gases in various industrial settings.


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