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Rubber Accelerator Masterbatch MBT (M)-80

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Rubber Accelerator Masterbatch MBT (M)-80

Rubber Accelerator Masterbatch MBT (M)-80 is a yellow powder or granule, serving as a primary acid accelerator in natural and synthetic rubber systems like NR, SBR, NBR, IR, and EPDM. Offering higher activity compared to counterparts like DM and TMTD, it enables low-temperature vulcanization and easy dispersion in rubber without causing pollution.


Widely applied in industrial rubber products such as tires, rubber belts, and shoes, it ensures rapid vulcanization and excellent physical properties. MBT-80GE, available in a pre-dispersed masterbatch form, facilitates easy weighing, minimal odor, and enhanced processing without product loss. However, its bitterness restricts its use in food-contact rubber applications. Packed in 25 kg carton boxes, customizable shipping marks, and a storage validity of 12 months below 25ºC ensure convenience and product integrity for manufacturers.


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Functions and Characteristics



Product Description Raw Material Description
Appearance Light Yellow granule
Density(g/cm3): 1.28±0.04 Initial M.P. ˚C (active MBTS)≥  170.0
Mooney viscosity, ML(1+4)at50°C: 45±10 Ash, %≤ 0.30
Filtration process(Mesh/pm) 120mesh/120μm Loss on drying%≤ 0.30
Density(g/cm3) Approx 1.25 Residue(150μm),%≤ 0.10
  1. Higher Activity: Demonstrating superior activity compared to accelerators like DM and TMTD, MBT (M)-80 ensures efficient and accelerated vulcanization, leading to enhanced physical properties in the final rubber products.
  2. LoCuring Temperature: Noteworthy for its low critical temperature for vulcanization (125°C), it enables rapid curing, contributing to time and energy efficiency during rubber processing
  3. Easy Dispersion: The accelerator easily disperses in rubber without causing pollution, facilitating uniform distribution within the compound during the mixing process.
  4. Compatibility with Rubber Systems: Specifically designed for compatibility with natural and synthetic rubber systems, the masterbatch ensures optimal performance and vulcanization in diverse elastomeric formulations.
  5. Sulfur-Free Low-Sulfur Curing: Plays a crucial role in sulfur-free low-sulfur curing systems, making it an essential component in certain rubber formulations.
  6. Vulcanization Retarder in Chloroprene Rubber: Functions as an anti-caustic agent and vulcanization retarder in chloroprene rubber compounds, contributing to improved safety and stability during processing.
  7. Compatibility with Various Substances: Demonstrates compatibility with other substances such as thiazoles, thiurams, dithiocarbamates, quinones, aldehydes, and basic substances, offering flexibility in formulation.
  8. Customization Options: According to customer requirements, customization options are available, allowing for variations in content, carrier particles, or sheet products (e.g., MBT-80GN and MBT-80GS)


Major Applications

Extruded Rubber Profiles:

Employed in the production of extruded rubber profiles used in construction, automotive, and industrial applications, contributing to enhanced surface quality and physical characteristics.

Cable Insulation

Used in the production of rubber compounds for cable insulation, where MBT (M)-80 accelerates vulcanization, contributing to improved electrical and mechanical properties.


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