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Styrenic thermoplastic elastomer SBS

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Styrenic thermoplastic elastomer SBS

Styrenic thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), specifically Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS), represent a versatile class of materials that combine the flexibility of elastomers with the processability of thermoplastics. SBS is a block copolymer composed of styrene and butadiene segments, arranged in a linear structure. The styrene domains provide rigidity and strength, while the butadiene segments contribute elasticity and flexibility. This unique molecular structure imparts excellent mechanical properties and resilience to SBS, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring softness, durability, and ease of processing.

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styrenic thermoplastic elastomer SBS


  1. Block Copolymer Structure: Composed of styrene and butadiene segments arranged in a linear structure, providing a unique combination of properties.
  2. Weather Resistance: Exhibits good resistance to weathering and environmental conditions, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
  3. Compatibility with Other Polymers: Allows for blending and compounding with other polymers to achieve specific performance characteristics.
  4. Recyclability: Suitable for recycling and reuse, aligning with sustainable manufacturing practices.
  5. Adaptability: Adaptable to a wide range of applications, including sealants, adhesives, gaskets, automotive components, and medical products.
  6. Biocompatibility: Suitable for certain medical applications due to its biocompatible nature.
  7. Elasticity and Flexibility: Combines the rubbery properties of elastomers, allowing for the creation of soft and flexible products.
  8. Mechanical Strength: Provides excellent mechanical strength and resilience, making it suitable for applications requiring durability.

Product Application:

Waterproof materials Adhesives

Major Applications

Consumer Goods:

Soft Grips and Handles: SBS TPEs are employed in the manufacturing of soft grips and handles for various consumer goods, such as tools, kitchen appliances, and electronic devices. The material enhances user comfort by providing a pleasant tactile experience while maintaining durability.

Sealants and Adhesives:

SBS TPEs are utilized in the construction industry for sealants and adhesives. The material's adhesive properties and flexibility contribute to effective bonding and sealing in various construction applications, including joints and seams.


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  • styrenic thermoplastic elastomer SBS

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