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Rubber Accelerator MBS, additionally known as NOBS, offers itself within the shape of light yellow to orange-yellow granules with a faint ammonia smell, characterised with the aid of a nonpoisonous nature. With a selected gravity starting from 1.34 to 1.40 and a melting point exceeding seventy eight℃, it famous solubility in diverse organic solvents such as benzene, ethyl acetate, and methyl alcohol. Notably, it’s miles effortlessly soluble in acetone, methyl benzene, and carbon tetrachloride, barely soluble in ethanol, and insoluble in water, dilute acid, and dilute alkali. The compound gradually decomposes when subjected to heat.

Functionally, Accelerator MBS (NOBS) serves as an brilliant delayed accelerator, characterized through lower hobby and extended motion. It boasts a high curing rate, scorch resistance, and operational safety. The compound disperses effortlessly, avoids frosting, and undergoes slight discoloration. Primarily employed in tire manufacturing, it is in particular suitable for artificial rubber mixtures containing fine-grain furnace carbon black.

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Functions and Characteristics


Product Specification:

Title of index First grade Qualified
External appearance Light yellow or orange yellow granule
Initial Melting point ℃ min 80 78
Reduction at heating % max 0.5 0.5
Ash content % max 0.3 0.4
  1. Delayed Acceleration: Rubber Accelerator MBS (NOBS) features as a not on time accelerator, showing lower preliminary pastime but a greater extended movement throughout the vulcanization manner. This function permits for higher manipulate over the curing charge, making it particularly beneficial in certain rubber manufacturing programs.
  2. High Curing Rate: Despite being a delayed accelerator, MBS (NOBS) keeps a excessive curing price. This belongings contributes to the green go-linking of polymer chains in rubber compounds, making sure timely and powerful vulcanization.
  3. Scorch Resistance: The compound demonstrates tremendous scorch resistance, that means it is much less susceptible to untimely vulcanization or sizzling throughout processing. This feature complements the protection and reliability of the rubber production technique.
  4. Good Operating Safety: Rubber Accelerator MBS gives good working safety at some point of the coping with and processing degrees. Its delayed movement and scorch resistance make contributions to a extra forgiving processing window, minimizing the danger of undesirable reactions or hazards.
  5. Easy Dispersion: MBS (NOBS) granules disperse easily within rubber compounds, facilitating uniform distribution and integration all through the combination level. This characteristic contributes to the overall homogeneity and consistency of the final rubber product.
  6. NonFrosting: The accelerator avoids frosting-related troubles, making sure that the rubber compound continues its perfect houses and appearance at some point of the producing procedure. Non-frosting traits are mainly crucial for achieving constant product satisfactory.
  7. Slight Discoloration: Rubber Accelerator MBS undergoes handiest mild discoloration, maintaining the colour integrity of the rubber compound. This feature is essential in programs where the arrival of the very last product is a vital thing.
  8. Enhanced Vulcanizate Properties: The vulcanizates produced with MBS (NOBS) exhibit desirable physical homes and getting older resistance. These include stepped forward tensile strength, elongation, and sturdiness, making the rubber appropriate for numerous programs, particularly in tire production, thick phase pressed merchandise, rubber shoes, and tubes.

Major Applications

Wire and Cable Insulation:

The delayed action and controlled curing provided by MBS (NOBS) make it a valuable component in the production of rubber used for wire and cable insulation. This ensures that the rubber maintains its physical and electrical properties over time, meeting safety and performance standards.

Conveyor Belt Production:

In the rubber industry, particularly in the manufacturing of conveyor belts, MBS (NOBS) is used to enhance the vulcanization process. The compound's properties contribute to the production of conveyor belts with improved tensile strength, flexibility, and resistance to wear and aging, making them suitable for diverse industrial applications.

  • Package

    Net weigh 25 kgs in polyethylene knitted bag or paper bag lined with polyethylene bag inside.

  • Storage

    May be decomposed during storage, so should be kept off moisture and heat. Should be used periodically in turn. The period of storage stability is six months.

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