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Composite Stabilizer

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Composite Stabilizer

Our company proudly offers a cutting-edge composite stabilizer, a versatile solution tailored for a spectrum of PVC products. This advanced stabilizer exhibits exceptional applicability, catering to the processing needs of pipes, fittings, profiles, sheets, foam products, wires, cables, and other PVC-based applications. Engineered with precision, our composite stabilizer ensures optimal thermal stability, contributing to the seamless production of high-quality PVC materials.

This stabilizer stands at the forefront of innovation, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse industries. Its adaptability across a wide range of products, from rigid pipes to flexible foam products, underscores its efficacy and reliability in various manufacturing processes.

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Composite Stabilizer

Functions and characteristics

  1. Uniform Mixing for Improved Resin Compatibility: The production process ensures thorough mixing of various components, enhancing the composite stabilizer’s uniformity and compatibility with PVC resin. This results in a consistent and high-quality blend for diverse applications.
  2. Outstanding Thermal Stability and Color Retention: Exhibits excellent thermal stability and resistance to initial coloration, ensuring the longevity and visual appeal of PVC products.
  3. Unique Coupling Effect for Improved Mechanical Properties: The stabilizer has a distinctive coupling effect that enhances the dispersity of filling agents, improving the mechanical properties of products. This, in turn, reduces mechanical wear and extends equipment life.
  4. No Contamination or Sulfide Pollution: The stabilizer is free from contamination with other stabilizers and eliminates sulfide pollution, maintaining the purity of the end product and adhering to environmental standards.
  5. Simplified Formula for Error Reduction: Streamlining the formula simplifies the measuring process, minimizing the likelihood of errors during mixing. This reduction in measurement errors contributes to overall efficiency and helps prevent unnecessary material losses.
  6. Supply and Storage Optimization for Production Management: Simplifying the supply and storage of excipients eases the production process and enhances quality management. This optimization ensures a smoother workflow, reducing logistical challenges in the manufacturing environment.
  7. Reduced Dust for Improved Production Conditions: The final flake product exhibits reduced dust, enhancing production conditions by minimizing airborne particles. This not only improves the working environment but also contributes to the overall cleanliness of the production space.
  8. Efficient Lubrication for Enhanced Processing and Versatility: The composite stabilizer is designed with a balanced internal and external lubrication system. This optimization results in excellent processing performance and widens the range of applications for the product. It ensures a smooth and efficient processing experience across different PVC products.

Major Applications

Clean and Dust-Reduced Surfaces:

The final flake product with reduced dust contributes to cleaner and more controlled production conditions, making it particularly beneficial for applications with strict cleanliness requirements.

Versatile Processing Across PVC Products:

The balanced internal and external lubrication system allows for efficient processing and a wide range of applications, including sheets, foaming products, and various profiles.


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