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Brominated butyl rubber project


The stable upgrade of the two sets of brominated butyl rubber device is the first production line using polymer direct dissolution (PDD) technology in China, which realizes uniform product quality, stable and reliable, and can have a longer cycle of production operation from the process, greatly improves the polymerization reaction cycle, the condensation reactor operation cycle, reduces switching and improves stability. Wide molecular weight distribution of the product, improve the processing performance, better dispersity of the filler, improve mechanical properties, improve the performance of the rubber, more conducive to processing. The product is more pure, the cleanliness is improved, the aging resistance of the product is better, and the service life of the product is extended.

New brominated butyl rubber plant polymer direct dissolution (PDD) technology Compared with the double rubber liquid (DSS) technology commonly used in China, PDD technology eliminates the condensation flash process after polymerization reaction, direct dissolution homogenization, improve the stability of the product, while reducing the production of waste water from the source, more environmentally friendly. In addition, the reactor and equipment of the new production line were optimized and improved, and the performance of the product was improved from the equipment design, so that the domestic brominated butyl rubber was raised to a higher level in quality.

From the product chain and format chain to deepen the layout of high-end new materials, from brominated butyl rubber to special function enhanced series rubber development, from a single rubber raw material type to rubber composite solution development; Integrate the advantages of information resources of industry associations, use the technical resources of cooperative universities and scientific research platforms to form new cooperative bodies, and realize the integrated development of production, learning and research. To take on the responsibility of high-quality development of rubber industry, to provide customers with stable and green rubber materials.

Our brominated buty rubber have been approved by Michelin、Goodyear、Hankook tyre etc.

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